Designing for two

Originally posted Sunday, March 27, 2011

Step one... design the house that you will be living in. You wouldn’t consider it much of a challenge to design a space for yourself, but when it involves two people in a space less than 160 square feet.... it becomes that much more important.

I think our designs changes on a weekly basis, but not anymore, since our trailer is ordered and should be here in 1-2 weeks.

The main things that we had to take into consideration were our day to day uses, which include our jobs. My husband works as a Photographer, and I’m a 3D artist, so the computer was a big part of our planning. We need to be able to live in this space, but also work in it as well. We also wanted to give friends the option to sleep over if they needed to, so we are including a sleeper style bench with storage space below. One other very important aspect of our lives that we had to take into consideration was, our cats. We have two cats, and they are going to need a place to go potty... so we have designed a cabinet were the bottom serves as their own private potty nook (I think they will love it). And because we have cats, we will need screens on all the windows... keeps the kitties in and the buggies out!

We are planning on having an On Demand Tankless Water Heater for any hot water that we would use. Propane heater in the living room towards the back of the house, right next to the door, and a two burner stove top.

Below are a few screen shots of our tiny house plan.